Our Process

People ask us all the time, “What are the steps to building?”…

Our job is make it simple for you, the customer…

  1. Call us.  Schedule an appointment to sit down with the builder.  100% of the folks we meet are glad they did.  In the initial meeting, we will discuss your needs and wants for a new home.  We will also discuss how the financing works.
  2. If moving forward to the next step, then usually we meet at one of  our homes, either completed or under construction, to see our quality and features.
  3. We can meet at the desired lot (whether it is one of our lots or one that you own), to see how your home may work on the lot.
  4. By this time, you should be excited.  Now we move onto making sure you are qualified for your new home.  We should be able to give you an idea of costs enough so that you can meet with a lender to determine if you will be able to get a mortgage when your new home is done.  (Of course, we do accept customers than want to finance their own projects.)  We will also discuss how financing the project during construction works.  Most of our customers choose that Grayson Homes provide this, and we are happy to do that.
  5. Now we move onto the really fun stuff, getting your vision into the hands of an architect.  We work with a leading architect right here in Raleigh, but if you have your own, that is OK to.  Up until now, everything was free.  If you choose to use our architect, there will be a small fee to get started.
  6. Once an initial drawing is complete, and it starts to feel more real, we are able to formalize a quote for your new home.
  7. If all is well at this point, then we meet to review our quote and contract.  We hope at this point to sign a contract and begin the construction process.  We do require a deposit at this time.
  8. Now on to the construction phase.  We will handle getting your home constructed in a timely fashion.  We will provide you with a schedule for the construction.  Your role will be to help make selections (ie. brick, cabinets, tile, lights, etc.).  Don’t worry, we work with a team of experts to help with your selections.  If you feel it is overwhelming, we can also arrange for you to work with a designer in your selections.
  9. When your home is nearing completion, we will let you know, so that you can arrange a closing with the lender, and prepare your move in date.
  10. Move in, and enjoy your new home.  We typically provide a one-year warranty on our homes, so we will see you soon.